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Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members Wanted!  Subscribers needed, too!

The Capitalist Peace Committee will be a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) dedicated to convincing the next President of the United States to call a Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention. High school and college students are encouraged to apply. We are looking for volunteers from all academic disciplines, including:

Media/Production (for documentary)


Political Science


Computer Science


Foreign Languages

and More

Be a part of history!



The Coronavirus is fueling an international crisis that demands an international solution. It exacerbates existing tensions between the West and the Sino-Russian detente. It reduces the economic capacity of European nations to pay for their extensive social programs. Working poor in developing nations are no longer working and face extreme poverty and despair. These conditions will expedite the coming world war and prevent the world from addressing climate change.

Mark my words, the United States will be called upon to rescue the world like it did after World War Two. The UN is already calling for a 10% world tax to aid in recovery efforts.

To bolster economic recovery in Europe, Asia, and the developing world after WW II, we established a new international monetary system and advanced free trade. We opened our door to foreign exports to boost employment abroad. For the most part it worked. 

Today, the world monetary system is unpredictable and free trade has left the 99% behind. More free trade will only benefit the one percent.

I propose that we explore world federal trade to lift billions out of poverty at home and abroad so we can all recover from the Caronavirus crisis without risking unsustainable inflation that could spark the coming world war. 

President Trump must call for a Capitalist Peace Summit TODAY, or globalists will call for a Socialist Peace Summit TOMORROW.

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Using congressional hearings and reports, this book proves that from 1949 to 1980 progressive Members of Congress attempted to transform NATO into an Atlantic Union based on federalist principles, or the UN into a World Federation.

This book documents how Clarence K. Streit and the Atlantic Union Committee inspired the Atlantic Convention of 1962 where representative citizens from NATO nations drafted the Declaration of Paris.


It includes the complete membership roster of the Atlantic Union Committee in 1955.

Applying this history, this book calls on President Donald J. Trump to hold a Capitalist Peace Summit before his first term ends and inspire an online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention in his second to prevent another world war and end globalization without representation, checks, and balances.

This book is required reading for anyone seeking to prevent the coming world war and climate disaster while lifting billions of people out of poverty. 

An online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention could find innovative ways for capitalist nations to work together to recover from the Coronavirus crisis while decreasing their respective national debt. 

We cannot risk more inflation or a monetary crisis!

A paperback version of this book is available through Amazon for $9.95. It is 6 x 9, 300 pages.

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