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Using congressional hearings and reports, this book proves that from 1949 to 1980 progressive Members of Congress attempted to transform NATO into an Atlantic Union, or the UN into a World Federation.

It documents how Clarence K. Streit and the Atlantic Union Committee inspired the Atlantic Convention of 1962 where representative citizens from NATO nations drafted the Declaration of Paris.

Building upon this history, this book calls on President Donald J. Trump to hold a Capitalist Peace Summit before his first term ends and inspire an online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention in his second to prevent another world war and end globalization without representation, checks, and balances.

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Democratic peace theorists argue that liberal democracies rarely, if ever, fight other liberal democracies. Capitalist peace theorists argue that capitalism has pacific properties as well. Erik Gartzke outlined these two approaches in his article,"The Capitalist Peace,"  published in the American Journal of Political Science (2007).


Many Americans have been coached to deplore capitalism in favor of democratic socialism. They likely confuse capitalism with crony capitalism caused by government planning and intervention in the market at the behest of economic factions (multinational corporations). Crony capitalists exploit the myth of smart people that assumes that the ruling class knows best. Statism is the real problem, not capitalism. We need to find a way to control the effects of economic faction on a world scale.



President Trump should hold a Capitalist Peace Summit before his first term ends. World leaders must commit to exploring a new economic order that works for all citizens of all nations - not just the one percent.

President Woodrow Wilson had The Inquiry to help him shape the post-World War One order. President Franklin Roosevelt had his Brain Trust to help him shape the post-World War Two world order. We are on the verge of another world war - and a post-Trump world order.

President Trump must go big. He must establish the biggest brain trust in the history of the world to promote peace, commerce, and honest friendship between all nations. We are all populists now.

Trump must call a Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention.



World leaders should inspire an international consortium of colleges and universities to facilitate an online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention (CPEC) composed of leading free market economists from developed and developing nations. Selected economists should represent competing capitalist doctrines such as the Austrian, Chicago, Islamic, and Keynesian schools of thought.

These economists would first examine the myriad of organizations, institutions, and agreements governing the world economy. They would then openly debate the pros and cons of establishing a new world economic order that minimizes planning and intervention in the world market.

Topics of discussion would include how to: (a) establish a sound world monetary system; (b) level the economic playing field between the developed and developing worlds; (c) protect the rights of workers, (d) minimize corruption and cronyism, and (e) encourage competition.

The online CPEC would be transparent and offer all citizens from all nations a legitimate opportunity to comment and vote on proposed recommendations. 

The convention would draft a nonbinding Declaration for a Capitalist Peace and submit it to all participants of the CPEC for approval. If approved, the Declaration would serve as the foundation of a new social contract governing the world economy.



It's Time for a Davos for Deplorables

To convince President Trump to call a Capitalist Peace Summit and inspire an online Capitalist Peace Exploratory Convention, 100,000 Americans must sign a White House petition. 

We intend to petition the White House after we have 100,000 Twitter followers or subscribers to this site. We will have 60 days to generate enough signatures once we launch the petition. 

We are always looking for partners and ideas to get the word out.



Rick Biondi has studied world order strategy since 1994. He earned a BA in political science from the University of Washington (1997); studied international relations at the graduate level under Dr. Jack E. Vincent at the University of Idaho (1998-2000); and holds an MA in Security Management from American Military University (2014). Biondi is a former executive consultant (2001-2002) for the Association to Unite the Democracies (AUD). Rick also served on the Board of the Ashburn Institute—which was spawned by AUD. In 2008, Biondi ran for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District as a libertarian. Rick is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He served with the 2nd Ranger Battalion (1989-1991) and as a motorized infantryman (1991-1992). Email: capitalistpeace@gmail.com


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